Cable (Without Deadpool) …

So, almost five years ago I ditched cable TV, right before the 2010 Winter Olympics. It wasn’t really that I couldn’t afford it, but was that I didn’t feel I was getting enough value out of it for the money I was paying, especially since at the time I was definitely watching DVDs more than the cable, and there seemed to be nothing on when I actually wanted to watch TV anyway (evenings and weekend afternoons, mostly) meaning that I ended up watching DVDs even more instead of cable. That’s not a good thing.

But there were two main advantages that cable had over DVDs. The first was that you can’t really get any interesting sporting events on DVD. The second was that it was much better for the times when I didn’t really want to watch TV or pay a lot of attention to it, but wanted something for noise or to pay attention to when things were slow. So, when I was eating. Or washing dishes/cleaning the house. Or playing a game. Or, ironically, when I was waiting for someone to, say, come and hook up my cable … as I was reminded yesterday.

Because, yes, I re-upped to cable TV. It’s costing me more than it cost me five years ago when I ditched it, and I don’t have everything I had then. But there do seem to be things there that I’d watch, and I did miss sports and missed being able to watch a TV show without it stuttering on me. So we’ll have to see if or how long this works.


2 Responses to “Cable (Without Deadpool) …”

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