What I Finished, What I Played in 2013 …

This year was even more of a “cup of coffee” year than what I’ve had before.  I played a number of games for brief periods and then moved on to something else.  And yet, I still managed to finish about 3 games from my list, and did a lot of finishing in one of them. So, let’s start with I finished:

The Old Republic: I finished my Sith Warrior’s personal story, and my Smuggler’s personal story. I also finished my Sith Inquisitor’s personal story, and am almost finished my Jedi Knight’s personal story, except that Belsavis is annoying me a bit with battles that can be beaten but are just being a bit annoying, especially since I’m not as incredibly overleveled as I ought to be at that point. I like TOR, and I like the personal stories. It went FtP in 2013, and with the introduction of Cartel Coins I’ve been kept in major experience boosts, helping me gain levels on the game and keep ahead without having to do Heroics or even play with people, at all.

Mass Effect: I got the PS3 compilation of all of the games, and played this one. I was creating a character based on Ivanova from Babylon 5, but while scrolling through the pre-made faces saw one that looked like Michelle Forbes, and so settled for Helena Cain. Mass Effect was a great game. While there were annoyances in it, for the most part everything worked, and it was a game that I liked playing and liked finishing.

Growlanser: Generations: A combination of two Growlanser games, I’m counting them as finished despite not finishing their final battles, but then that’s what I did originally to X-Men: Legends, eventually going back and finishing it fully. I’m not sure I’ll do that for these games; they were good and generally interesting, but can’t compare to later games in a similar style like the Suikodens and Personas. I didn’t mind the rather 2-bit representations, and in some cases the characters were really interesting, although the battle portions could be really interesting. For “The Sense of Justice’, there seemed to be a lot of grinding and the battle system made it hard to grind the characters that tended to get behind the easiest, while in “The Dual Darkness” the XP system worked better but it often was very vague about what you needed to do — and when you needed to do it — to solve the many side quests.

Now, on to what I just played:

Pangya: Very cute old PSP golf game with a story mode. I played it continually for a few weeks, got stuck on one of the stories, and then drifted away from it. I definitely found it worth buying and worth playing.

Persona 2: Innocent Sin: This wasn’t a bad game for me to play on the PSP, but it had the normal “Wander around and get jumped” style of combat and seemed to have a mix of humour and seriousness that didn’t work. I want to play it again at some point, but it gets lost in my list.

Growlanswer: Wayfarer of Time: Another PSP game, and another Growlanser game. I’d play it, but it started with my sister and father getting killed, and that’s a little dark for me, at least it was at the time. Another one that I want to play, but that has to compete with everything else I want to play.

Justice League Heroes: The DC version of the X-Men: Legends series, it’s also inferior to it, mostly because it doesn’t have any real breaks in the action, which made it a hard game to play at the times when I was actually willing to play games at that point. It’s not on my list because I may never finish it, but I keep thinking about playing it again sometime.

Nocturne: The tone was fine in this one, but I had a hard time finding save points, which meant that I ended up hiking all the way back to the starting area to hit the save point there, fighting monsters all the way in random encounters, just so that I could quit for the night. That was annoying. I’m sure there are more save points in more places, but I couldn’t find them easily, and it just made me nostalgic for Persona 3 and Persona 4.

Injustice: Gods Among Us: After having this sit in my closet for quite some time, I recently ran through the story mode on easy. It’s good, but nowhere near as good as the crossover between Mortal Kombat and Justice League was.

Mortal Kombat: The new, revamped version. Tried to do the same thing as I did for Injustice, and got stopped because I’m not used to having to hit a button to block. I might run the rest of it out at some point.

Dragon Age: Origins: The first time I played this, I missed Leiliani. This time, I haven’t. I like this game, and it’s a strong candidate for being the first game I finish this year.

Mass Effect 2: This game is a lot less fun than Mass Effect was. There seems to be more character in this game, but the rest of the game and mechanics are just annoying, from how you explore and mine planets to the fact that you actually have an ammo count now. I wanted to finish the entire series, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to unless I can stop spending all of my time mining planets dry and burning all of my fuel to get to them.

That’s essentially it; there might be one or two more that I played but they aren’t memorable and so aren’t really worth mentioning.

3 Responses to “What I Finished, What I Played in 2013 …”

  1. Crude Says:

    Injustice: Gods Among Us: After having this sit in my closet for quite some time, I recently ran through the story mode on easy. It’s good, but nowhere near as good as the crossover between Mortal Kombat and Justice League was.

    Try the comic, if you’re into such things. The story is actually interesting. DC seems to be at its best with a world outside the canon so no one cares about it.

    • verbosestoic Says:

      One of the problems I had with the story was that I’d seen it done in the Justice League cartoon and they did it better. I can’t see the comic managing to be that much better and being attached to the game at all.

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