One of the best bugs ever …

A long time ago, I had a Commodore 64. And I had the game “Weird Dreams” for it. I also got an extra backup copy order form by mistake, and since it didn’t specify on the form what version you had I gave it to a friend with an Amiga so that he could get a cheaper copy for himself. The game was, well, as advertised, being an exploration of a dream scape while you were close to death with odd things like using a fish to hit statues and other such interesting notions.

One of the areas was a piano, where the keys would flip up every so often. You had to make it across this to get to the next area. It’s been a long time since then, so don’t quote me on this, but I think my friend was complaining bitterly about how hard that area was, while I commented that it was trivial: all you had to do was walk across it. So he got me to show him how to do it, and when I did he went ballistic, because all I did was, in fact, walk across it … even when the piano keys flipped up where I was standing.

See, there was a bug in the C64 version that didn’t exist in the Amiga version, which meant that I could just walk across that area without ever being killed while my friend was struggling and struggling with it and facing massive frustration, only to hear me say “It isn’t hard at all”.

Which is why this is one of the best bugs ever: it let me frustrate my friend that much without my having to actually be arrogant to do it [grin].


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