All the small things …

In Red Dwarf, Arnold J. Rimmer had a specific problem in how he approached studying for the officer’s exam. What he always tried to do was make a full and comprehensive schedule, and then follow that to ensure that he studied everything he needed to for the exam. Invariably, he’d make mistakes that would blow the schedule, and so he’d end up taking more time to create a new schedule that would cover off the new timeline, and so on and so forth, until what he ended up doing was, essentially, either cramming for the exam or not doing anything at all.

At this point, I’m starting to relate to poor Rimmer. As I’ve talked about before, I tend to create schedules, at least in rough, to plan out what I want or am going to do at certain times. I did that for my current vacation time as well. Two weeks into my vacation, I haven’t followed the schedule at all and haven’t finished anything on it, except for my plans to play The Old Republic in the mornings … and even that I haven’t done for the past week. This isn’t that surprising or that odd; that’s always what happens when I’m on vacation. What’s slightly new is that I’m wondering if I should redo my schedule to reflect the way things are now, and to try to get stuff done.

The reason I’m not on schedule is because there have been a number of small things that are getting in the way. The weather has been bad or odd. I’ve had issues with my vehicle. I’ve ended up with things I need to do that require me to walk or drive out and cut into my time. I’ve been cooking things at the last minute and so end up eating later than I’d planned. Things like that. Now, I still think that the schedule is reasonable, but one big thing is bugging me: playing games in the evenings. I did play Growlanser for a bit, but wasn’t all that into it. Having, for the most part, finished it — and finished it enough to claim that I’ve finished it on my list of games to finish — I’m looking to start a new game … and am wondering if I actually feel like doing that. So, should I turn games into projects and push to make more progress that way? But then almost all of my day would be spent on projects, and I’m not sure I want to do that on my vacation. And the only thing I could sub in without it feeling like a project is maybe philosophical reading, which might work. But then … I wanted to get back into playing games over my vacation because I haven’t been doing that much, except for TOR. If I still play TOR, that might help, but I still do enjoy playing games and so should indeed try to get that back into my life, instead of just focusing on reading.

Because of this, I haven’t played a game in the evenings for at least two days … and so my thinking about how to schedule things is impacting the time I have to actually do them. Thank you, Rimmer.


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