It’s Alive, It’s Alive!

So, I was browsing the Game Reviews posts on Shamus Young’s site, and looked up a few of the MMOs that he had been playing to see if they were still alive. It turns out that a number of them have gone by the wayside, joining games like Star Wars: Galaxies and [sniff] City of Heroes. But the first MMO I ever played and the game that got me interested in MMOs in the first place is, amazingly, still alive.

Yes, Dark Age of Camelot was the MMO that started all of the MMO playing for me, long, long ago. There are a number of reasons why I liked it, and played it off and on for ages:

1) The theme, or rather the themes. It combined the three mythological/legendary themes that really interested me: Arthurian, Norse, and Celtic. It was just cool to run around in those areas, even if they might not have been fully-realized.

2) The character classes, especially between realms, were interestingly different. Sure, they mapped to roughly the same sort of thing, but played, at least to me, interestingly differently and were, more importantly, thematically different to facilitate my roleplaying desires. This was not only my first MMO, but my first alt-o-hoic MMO.

3) The environment was pretty, and shaped nicely to each theme.

However, I eventually stopped playing it. And the reasons why were:

1) The game was too hard to play solo. Sure, the idea of playing an MMO solo seemed then and still seems now a bit odd, but there are reasons why being able to solo and group are important to an MMO. I think I’ll talk about that a little later. But, suffice it to say, struggling to finish quests solo and not being able to really find groups hurt my enjoyment of the game. CoH was better, and TOR is excellent for me in this regard.

2) The game was an old-school MMO in all ways, including death punishments and armour and crafting and everything. Those games didn’t work well for a casual player, at least in my opinion. TOR and CoH, to me, are far better at that, especially in making it so that you can play for only a couple of hours and feel like you’re making progress.

3) Story, at least outside of RvR perhaps, was a bit lacking. CoH including far more chained quests that told a story, and TOR is all about story.

4) The last time I installed it, it was on my getting out of date system and so was a bit laggy and stuttering for me, which was annoying.

Now that I’m reminded of it, I’m considering playing it again, but TOR already takes up my gaming time so I’m not sure how it would fit. But it is amazing that it’s still alive.


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