My Top 10 Favourite Bands/Performers …

When I showed my list of my top 10 favourite songs to a friend of mine, he was surprised, but mostly by the fact that there was nothing by Ozzy Osbourne on it. In writing my expansion on that theme and listing some of my other favourite songs, I pointed out that while I had a longer list of favourite Meat Loaf songs than songs by The Cars, I still thought that I liked The Cars better overall, at least in part because the songs didn’t stand out; they were all good and I could listen to all of them. So, favourite songs and favourite bands/performers don’t always align, which makes perfect sense; after all, that’s precisely how one-hit wonders work.

So, I thought it would make sense to list my top 10 favourite bands:

10 The Odds
9 Huey Lewis and the News
8 Heart
7 Alice Cooper
6 Meat Loaf
5 Ozzy Osbourne
4 Duran Duran
3 Dire Straits
2 The Cars

Again, this is done with a bit of thought, but in the middle and at the end a lot of it was just going from the bands that I thought of quickly, so there might be ones I’m missing.

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