More of my favourites …

And these won’t be in order, but will probably be grouped in terms of various bands. Today, I think I’ll do “The Odds”, “The Cars”, Chris De Burgh and Meat Loaf.

The Odds are an old little group, but they’ve put out some wonderful songs, and there’s one of their songs that I often quote in posts as an side, which is this one: “It Falls Apart”. But that’s not their best and probably not their most famous song. That might be “Eat My Brain” or Someone Who’s Cool, which are among my favourites as well. What highlights them the most is the fact that their lyrics are, well, quite odd, and so very entertaining to listen to. Some my other favourites are I Would Be Your Man, which might be my all-time favourite of theirs, and Make You Mad. I think the only CD of theirs that I don’t like that I’ve had is “Neapolitan”, as I like “Good Weird Feeling” and “Bedbugs”.

I bought a greatest hits CD of Chris de Burgh for “The Lady in Red”, but ended up liking a number of other songs from him. My favourite of his might well be “Borderline”, “The Lady in Red” made the top ten due to history and being the one I remember when I think of him. I also like “Don’t Pay the Ferryman”, which has an odd background. During at least one of the times that I was obsessively listening to that CD, I was watching “Murder in Small Town X, which was one of the better reality shows that came out — and ran for only one season, unfortunately — of the reality TV boom, and one of the main suspects was, indeed, the ferryman, adding a new dimension to the song. I also like “A Spaceman Came Travelling”, “Say Goodbye to it All”, but mostly as a continuation and completion of “Borderline”, “Diamond in the Dark”, and “High on Emotion”. But everything on the “Spark to a Flame” compilation CD is good.

For Meat Loaf, I think his best CD is “Bat Out of Hell III: The Monster Is Loose”, with the title track maybe being the best song, although it gets stiff competition from “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now”, “Blind as a Bat”, “Bad For Good”, “In the Land of the Pig, the Butcher is King” and “If God Could Talk”. And I could probably list others. See why I say that this is his best CD? There isn’t a bad song on the whole CD. On other CDs, on “Bat out of Hell II” we have “I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)”, “It Just Won’t Quit”, and “Objects in the Rearview Mirror May Appear Closer Than They Are”, as well as others that are good but probably don’t qualify as favourites. From “Bat Out of Hell”, I’m not that fond of the obvious ones, aside from “Bat Out of Hell” itself, but prefer “For Crying Out Loud” which is probably my favourite on that CD and liked better than anything on “Bat Out of Hell II”, “Heaven Can Wait”, and Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad”.

As for this other CDs, I own and like “Bad Attitude”, and put “Cheating in Your Dreams” in the same category as “Porcelain”, except it isn’t done anywhere near as well, and also like “Surf’s Up” and Nowhere Fast. And from “Welcome to the Neighbourhood”, in addition to “I’d Lie to You (And That’s the Truth)”, there’s “Original Sin”, “Not a Dry Eye in the House” and “Left in the Dark”.

That leaves only “The Cars” — and Ric Ocasek –to handle in this rather long list. Aside from “Drive”, my favourites of “The Cars” are “You Might Think”, “Magic”, and “Dangerous Type”. And despite having a relatively short list of favourite songs (which might be more if I wasn’t just going off of the greatest hits CD I have), they are one of my favourite bands because pretty much all of their songs are good, even if they aren’t standouts. Or maybe one of the reasons they don’t stand out is because they’re all pretty good.

I also have a number of Ric Ocasek CDs, which I generally like. From “This Side of Paradise”, I love “Emotion in Motion”, “True Love”, and “Hello Darkness” (the first song I can’t find a youtube link to!). From “Fireball Zone”, there’s “Rockaway”, “They Tried”, “Fireball Zone” and what competes with “Emotion in Motion” as my favourite of his, “The Way You Look Tonight” which in my opinion, like “Drive” is one of the most realistic and yet still romantic love songs I’ve ever heard.

So, that’s this segment, but we still have AC/DC and Dire Straits to go through, as well as the favourites that I didn’t even list on my top ten like Ozzy Osbourne and Alice Cooper. So much more to come.

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