The List – Year 2

So, my big list of games to finish is now almost 2 years old. Last year at around this time I calculated my finishing percentage, and it came up at about 12% (13% rounded up). I had finished 4 out of a total of 32 games. I’ve finished a few more games since then — Persona 4 Arena, Persona 4 Golden, and The Old Republic — but I’ve also added a few more to the list. So, now, my rate is 7 finished out of a total of 51, which is about 14% (rounded up).

That’s actually surprisingly good for me; I was worried that I was losing ground, but percentage-wise I’m clearly not. Total games-wise, of course, I am; the number of games to finish has increased from 28 to 44.

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  1. The List – Year 3 (A month late) | The Verbose Stoic Says:

    […] Last year at this time I calculated that I had finished 7 of about 51 games on my , for about a 14% finish rate. This year, I have 9 finished out of 53, which is about a 17% finish rate. Considering that I didn’t put a push on games to finish this year and have spent a lot of time replaying games that I liked — like the Personas — that’s actually pretty good. Although I may have to consider that there are a number of games on that list that I am just never, ever going to finish. […]

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