Out with the old …

So, I’ve finished The Old Republic … or, at least, I’ve finished it once as far as I can consider it finished, by finishing the personal story of my Sith Warrior, Ji’ark. I had been stuck on one of the missions, unable to kill the final boss, but with the level cap set at 50 I couldn’t even gain a level to make it easier. I could, of course, have asked for others to come and help me with it, but that would mean playing with people and, really, that’s just not something you should be expected to do in an MMO. So I waited until the expansion came out, figuring that it would let me gain another level and maybe, with difficulty, finish off the boss. When I logged in, I tried playing it again and kept getting curb-stomped by street thugs. This did not seem promising. But then with Quinn at my side and with my re-learning how things worked — and re-applying my skills — I managed to start doing okay again, and headed out to the mission to gain XP quickly, figuring that I could just keep running that mission and street-sweeping until I hit a new level and managed to kill that final boss. I went through the mission fairly easily — better than I was used to, actually — and decided to try the boss again … and face-planted him pretty easily. Darth Barris wasn’t much harder — his one-shot kill got me once — and I was, effectively, done.

I haven’t finished Ilum or Markab yet, but I’m planning on getting other characters through their personal stories and then taking those one with one specific character on each side.

So, I enjoy this game and still do want to run through all of the personal stories, assuming I have the time.


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