NHL Playoff Predictions: Stanley Cup Finals.

So, I continued my pattern of getting exactly one series wrong in every round, going 1 – 1 for an 11 – 3 record overall. Which means that what everyone should do is take my prediction and then go and bet the farm against it [grin].

Chicago vs Boston Incorrect

Ah, the great coin toss. It’s really hard to decide between these two teams, which is really how it should be when you’re at the Stanley Cup finals. Both have really strong offenses, defenses, and goaltending. Both seem to be coached well. Both have overcome adversity. Both seem to be playing at the top of their games right now. Neither have played each other this season, so we can’t see how their styles match up against each other in any way. This is one of those series that’ll likely be far easier to predict after a game or two, but until then no one knows what’ll happen.

Despite the West generally being considered the stronger of the two conferences, and the Black Hawks having had an amazing season … I’m going to go with Boston. Mostly because I think that Rask is lights out right now and Chicago doesn’t have a Chara to shut down the Boston offense. After Boston shut down the incredibly potent Pittsburgh offense, it’s hard to imagine that they won’t do something similar to Chicago’s, and if it comes down to last shot wins Rask’s last series was far better than Crawford’s against a much better offense.

Overall record: 11 – 4

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