NHL Playoff Predictions: Round 3.

So, in the second round I again did quite well, going 3 – 1 with Boston being the only series that I got wrong. That leaves me at a sterling 10 – 2 for the playoffs so far, meaning that I can’t do any worse than 10 – 5. So, a good year this year.

Without further ado, here are my picks for the Conference semi-finals:

Eastern Conference

Pittsburgh vs Boston Correct

Okay, yes, Pittsburgh swept the season series, but did it by one goal in each game. But in watching the Pittsburgh versus Ottawa series, Pittsburgh looked vulnerable. Vokoun, for all of his excellent GAA and save percentage, gave up a number of rebounds and looked beatable. Ottawa just didn’t have the team to take advantage of that. Boston, on the other hand, does have that team. Their defense is solid, Rask is playing well, and they have far more offensive potential than Ottawa did. They are a team that could play a more defensive game and look to take advantage of their chances, or even play a more open, offensive style and bet that their defense will stop Pittsburgh more than Pittsburgh’s will stop them. They’ve overcome adversity and so will never quit even if they get down. So, I think Boston will pull this one off.

Western Conference

Chicago vs LA Incorrect

It’s hard to choose between the teams in this series, since all are strong teams and all have the experience and all have overcome diversity. However, I think Quick will make the difference. I don’t think Chicago has really faced an elite level goaltender in these playoffs, and Crawford is not an elite level goaltender. Quick, on the other hand, is an elite level goaltender and seems to be on his game. By the time Chicago figures him out, the series will likely be out of reach.

Overall record: 11 – 3


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