First Round Playoff Predictions …

So, I tried this last year and then forgot to update for the second round, but I’m going to try it again. My pick will be in bold.

Eastern Conference

Pittsburgh vs NY Islanders. Correct
Montreal vs Ottawa Correct
Washington vs NY Rangers Correct
Boston vs Toronto Correct

I like the Islanders, but they really don’t stand much of a chance against Pittsburgh, even if Crosby can’t return.

I’m also a fan of the Senators, but in this case this series really does depend on goaltending. Ottawa doesn’t score a lot, but they give up very few goals as well, and aren’t likely to start giving up more now that Anderson has come back and seems to be playing well. That leaves a lot of close games, and Ottawa has played in and won a ton of them, and Ottawa always plays well when they are the underdog.

The sixth spot in the East is the position everyone wants to get because you end up facing a weaker team. Washington, despite the resurgence of Ovechkin, just doesn’t have the team to beat the Rangers.

Toronto did well to make it into the playoffs this year, but they are a vulnerable team, and Boston is a strong team that’s been fighting to be the best the whole season and has a lot of experience in the playoffs.

Western Conference

Chicago vs Minnesota Correct
Anaheim vs Detroit Correct
Vancouver vs San Jose Incorrect
St. Louis vs Los Angeles Correct

Chicago had a tremendous season and has experience. Minnesota might give them a run, but in the end Chicago should prevail.

Detroit had to go on a tear to get into the playoffs, and has a lot of experience at this. Anaheim has had some good runs and also some crashes in the playoffs. Detroit should be able to ride their momentum and experience to get through the first round.

San Jose is noted for not doing well in the playoffs, and Vancouver has some experience and two good goaltenders. They should be able to take that to the second round.

St. Louis and LA are pretty much a dead heat, but LA are the defending champions and that experience should carry them through.c


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