No, the blog is not dead …

… or even dying. I’ve been fairly busy with work and things lately, and so haven’t had the time to make new posts, hence the dearth of new posts. However, things should be getting better over the next few weeks and I intend to get back into posting more often starting in early May.

So stay tuned.


2 Responses to “No, the blog is not dead …”

  1. Crude Says:

    Hey there.

    Since you write about games and feminism here and there, I thought you may appreciate this link:

    • verbosestoic Says:

      Thanks for the link. Things are still a little busy, but I did look at it, and my biggest question is that this is nice but … WHY are the numbers the way they are? The biggest issues in aiming games at women is people guessing what women gamers want and trying to provide it, and getting it wrong. If more women play games like, say, Farmville, that’s not likely because there are interesting female leads. Are women just more interested in or a bigger percentage of the casual gaming market? Or is it something about the gaming style itself? How can we relate it to non-online games that have had a surprisingly large percentage of female gamers?

      I think we need to move on past figuring out the numbers and instead look deeper. After all, if you look at other media you see the numbers you’d expect because those other media do aim themselves at those markets, and seem to be doing a good job of figuring it out. Video games need to do the same, and also answer the question if you can make one game that hits all markets.

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