A Case of “Meh” …

So, in an attempt to take advantage of the fact that I’m trying to get through the entire series of “Dark Shadows” and yet don’t want be only watching TV for my evenings because then I fall asleep too early, I decided to start playing “Disgaea 2”. And played it on about 2 or 3 nights. And then stopped playing it, and don’t really want to go back.

This is not because it’s a bad game. It isn’t a bad game at all. But it’s a bit of a “Meh” game. Story-wise, it’s a fairly light-hearted game about demons taking over a world, and the attempts of the last human to break them out of that. And while it’s kinda funny, it isn’t funny enough for me to just play it for the humour, but the humour takes enough away from the more serious parts of the story that I can’t take the story seriously either. So, enjoyable enough, but nothing that I really want to play and so nothing that makes me think when I’m heading home from work “Oh, I really have to play Disgaea 2 tonight to see what happens next!”.

As for the tactical combat, the same thing applies. It isn’t trivial, but isn’t all that hard, either. There are a few things to learn, but not all that many, at least at this early stage. So, it’s fun enough, but not that fun. Again, I don’t end up looking forward to playing the combat in the game, like I did for “Heroes of Might and Magic: The Quest for the Dragonbone Staff” (which I just bailed on because I realized how long it would take me to beat that game, and I don’t like it that much).

Essentially, the same problem that I had with Persona 2: everything’s just okay, but when I’m busy or tired I don’t want just okay.

So, maybe I’ll take it up again later, but now it’s time to start looking for something that’s more than merely okay.


One Response to “A Case of “Meh” …”

  1. Chucklingabit Says:

    I love you. Your defense of philosophy here was so patient and so persistent: http://scienceblogs.com/evolutionblog/2012/09/20/more-silliness-about-scientism-part-one/

    Every time I considered typing something, I scrolled down a little bit more and you had already said both it, and something I hadn’t thought of. Well done!

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