Vacation …

So, I’ve recently had quite a bit of time off. It’s amazing how fast time flies generally, but with about a week left it’s a good time to see how my vacation went.

In terms of games, I:

– finished Persona 4: Golden
– finished Persona 4: Arena
– am well into Persona 3 PSP
– didn’t play The Old Republic anywhere near as much as I wanted, due to how my schedule worked out and due to an area that was kinda frustrating me that I, well, clobbered yesterday. Yay me!

In terms of DVDs, I:

– finished Charlie’s Angels
– watched all of Married … With Children
– will certainly have watched Babylon 5 (and likely Crusade) by the end of my vacation

In terms of reading, I:

– finished Polkinghorne
– finished Plantinga
– might be into or through a lot of Feser by the end of my vacation, depending on what I do

In terms of this blog, I:

– posted to it
– posted to it more irregularly than I would have liked
– restarted the “Philosophy and Popular Culture” series, and will try to keep on with it
– need to write up the Plantinga/Dennett stuff by the end of my vacation

In terms of general projects, I:

– didn’t do a whole heck of a lot, and am not likely to do a whole heck of a lot before I go back.

So, did a decent amount on my vacation, but not as much as I might have hoped. A standard vacation, then.

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