I Hate Uneven Difficulties …

So, I started playing Record of Agarest War 2, on Easy, and had little problems up until this point. Sure, in my last fights I was only hitting B rank, but it seemed to me that that was because I was facing a lot of new enemies, and the previous boss fight was trivial, and so I went into this next fight seemingly a bit underlevelled but I thought it might be okay.

And I was killed in two rounds, before I was even able to kill one of them.

How do you move from handling enemies with relative ease to being out-and-out slaughtered? We really, really need a better progression of difficulties. And I wasn’t really liking the fighting system already, and so turned off the PS3 in a huff, basically.

Do I try it again and grind to get to a high enough level, or give up and move on to another game? I’m not sure.

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