Married … With Children.

So, I just finished watching the entire series of “Married … With Children”, and my thoughts on it are:

1) I can’t believe that it lasted 11 seasons.

2) I can’t believe that I watched at least one episode from all 11 seasons, or so it seems to me.

That being said, it wasn’t bad. It fits into one of the those niches that make it perfect for me, and where it joins another recent purchase (“Charlie’s Angels”): it’s good enough that if I’m sitting around and just want to watch for a bit, I can watch it, but is light enough that if I get distracted by games or reading or doze off I don’t really mind much. It also has a “Play All” which lets me turn it on and ignore it for 3+ hours, which puts it ahead of ALF. (Speaking of which, Andrea Elson played Lynn on ALF, and was in one episode here as one of Kelly’s incredibly attractive female friends … and she was.)

Interestingly, while I found Seven to be very annoying, he didn’t last very long. I also rather wish that they had done more with Amber, Marcy’s niece; I think she was a good foil for Bud and could have moved him beyond that pathetic loser status that wore thin in the later seasons, and Bud and Amber being a “couple” would have added another dimension to the rivalry between Al and Marcy.

Anyway, I’m glad it’s done, and now I’ll be moving on to Babylon 5, which is slightly worse for general watching that these two shows because it is, in fact, a far, far better show, which means I want to watch it. That being said, I’ve watched it so many times already that I pretty much know everything that happens anyway, and also know that I will watch it again sometime if I miss an interesting part.


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