Angels in the DVD Player …

So, as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been watching the entire series of “Charlie’s Angels”, which I picked up relatively cheap a month or two ago. Now, when I was young — basically, when the show was actually on TV — I remember that I had an incredible crush on Kate Jackson. Watching it again … I still do. I also remember that later I ended up with a crush on Jaclyn Smith. And … I still do. But what I noticed that I hadn’t noticed before was just how attractive Cheryl Ladd actually was. It jumped out at me watching it this time, mostly (I think) because I was able to compare her fairly directly to Farah Fawcett-Majors and notice that she’s really quite a bit better looking, despite Farah Fawcett-Majors being more remembered for her looks.

Right now, I’m on the fourth season of five, and I’ve been able to get through it with few problems, which is more than I can say for “Wonder Woman”. In fact, other than the fact that there’s something like 80 hours of the stuff and I’ve gone through about 50 or 60ish, it’s turning into an almost perfect evening/eating show for me, a show that I can watch before going to sleep or while eating or reading or playing games. The reason for this is that while the plots are dreadfully shallow and cheesy at times, there’s enough to them that if I’m not yet dozing or don’t feel like reading at the moment I can actually just watch the episode and enjoy myself, but because they are so cheesy if I fall asleep or read through one I just shrug and move on; I didn’t miss anything really great.

The only problem with it is that it’s an hour long show, which translates to about 45 – 50 minutes on DVD. That means that unless I’m prepared to stop in the middle it limits when I can watch it; if I have, say, two hours left two episodes won’t quite cover the time and three will overshoot it. Half-hour shows have the flexibility to cover off any amount of time, since even if my ending time would fall halfway through an episode I’d only have 10 minutes on either side to deal with, which is usually a lot easier to handle than a full 20 – 30 minutes. So, of the ones I have now, ALF would be the best one, except that it doesn’t have a “Play all” option, which means that every twenty minutes I had to look up and move to the next episode, which was really annoying. But it had that same quality: the episodes were fun and funny enough that I could watch them, but light enough that if I wasn’t paying attention I didn’t care that I’d missed something. Maybe “Married With Children” will fill that gap.

Note that I do have “Sledge Hammer” and “Blackadder” that are like this, but those are too short to really cover that off; they end almost as soon as they start. So far, the best I have are the “Justice League” and “Transformers” cartoons, although I like the former too much to feel good about sleeping through them, and the latter can be a little too simple at times.


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