A Very Persona Christmas …

So, Christmas is coming up, and so that means that my Christmas vacation is coming up soon as well. If you’ve been following my big list of games to finish, you’ll know that I had a lot of games listed as being planned for Christmas. You’ll also notice today that, well, most of them aren’t anymore. That’s because a friend of mine pointed me to a review of the Vita game “Persona 4 Golden”, which enticed me enough to want to get a Vita to play it … and then made me want to play the old games as well. But the hassle of Wi-Fi and downloading the old PSP Persona games was daunting, and I thought I could get them if I bought a PSP so … I bought a PSP, too. And I still haven’t played Persona 4: Arena yet. That pretty much sealed the deal for me: over my vacation, I’ll be playing Persona games. Let’s see how many of them I can finish.

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