Examining Sophisticated Theology: The Current Outline …

So, I had started with Lonergan, but now that I’ve decided to make this more formal I decided to get a few more books that in particular Jerry Coyne has criticized, and so I’ll be looking at them.

I’ll start with John Polkinghorne and Nicholas Beale, since Coyne criticized them and that was one post that I commented on with more of a “he gets it wrong so often that you should really read it yourself”, but I had never read it myself. Now I will, once it comes in. I’ll also read “The Polkinghorne Reader: Science, Faith, and the Search for Meaning” to get a better grasp of Polkinghorne.

I also bought Plantinga, and the book that Coyne criticized: “Where the Conflict Really Lies: Science, Religion, and Naturalism”. For fairness, I also bought the debate between him and Daniel Dennett on the issue “Science and Religion: Are They Compatible?” although I’ve already taken on the “Superman” argument here.

Hopefully, I’ll pick up Lonergan again when I have a little more time.


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