Lots of reading …

So, I finally updated my reading list of all the philosophical books I’m going to be reading. Mostly because it’s finally gotten long enough for me to actually need it.

I ended up with Pinker’s book because I was browsing in a bookstore to kill the half-hour before lunch and, even though I didn’t intend on buying any books, ended up buying five of them: Pinker’s (because it is referenced enough and was cheap for an actual philosophical work), The Hobbit, and a number of Star Wars books including one about Revan. I’d have bought the hardcover of the new X-Wing book since I love that series, but I never buy hardcovers, and so will wait for the paper back.

So, plenty of reading for the next while. I managed to get about 70 pages into “Insight” while waiting for a play to start.

One Response to “Lots of reading …”

  1. Thoughts on “The Hobbit” | The Verbose Stoic Says:

    […] of “The Hobbit”, and decided to try to read it as well.  The thing is, I had bought it quite some time ago  and had started reading it, but couldn’t get through it.  I didn’t care for it at all […]

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