Was She Even in This Show?

So, I sometimes read the “Over the Rainbow” blog now, especially to see who did what on Sunday night before Monday’s results show. And I also get to see the posts saying goodbye to the latest eliminated Dorothy, and so saw Cassandra’s. And what’s interesting about it is that normally in the comments you get a significant amount of them that talk about how sorry they are to see that Dorothy go home and how good a job she did. And for Cassandra … there’s one of those. Beyond that, there are people wondering how Stephanie could be in the bottom two, why Colleen isn’t, about the dresses, and about AJ’s makeover.

This carries on from the other posts as well. You usually saw a lot of support for the various Dorothys in the comments … but nary a comment for Cassandra. She tended to not get mentioned by the commenters on the blog, even if she was mentioned in the post. And for a Dorothy that I thought did stand out, this seems a bit strange.

There was one comment about Cassandra that she would be either loved or hated, in that people would either think that a Dorothy with glasses and red hair was unique, new and fresh or terrible and not really Dorothy. But then you’d think that she’d get a lot of comments that would average out to a moderate or middle-of-the-pack overall voter rating. But that polarization didn’t really seem to happen. Instead, the people seemed to react to Cassandra mostly with “Meh”; not known enough to be in the top of the ratings, but until the last couple of weeks not notably weak enough to be in the bottom two. Only when she was placed against people that people had strong feelings over did she slip into the bottom two, and ultimately it seems that even the judges, at the end of the day, reacting to her as nothing especially strong or especially weak.

For a Dorothy that people were supposed to find unique. That’s surprising.

Anyway, even if she wasn’t really noticed by anyone else, she was noticed by me, which was one of the reasons I started watching the show. So there’s that, even if it’s cold comfort.

(I promise to stop talking about Cassandra by the end of Sunday’s episode [grin]).


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