Another One Bites … er, Falls Into the Dust.

Skyrim is no longer one of the current games on my list of games to play, leaving TOR as the only currently active game.

I was hoping to finish Skyrim by my Christmas vacation, so how did it fall off my list entirely? Well, to start with, right now I haven’t been playing games as much at all. Even TOR. In the evenings, I’m pretty much just poking around with a few things, going for a walk, updating board games, and then watching the DC Animated Universe cartoons on DVD (I’m well, well ahead of schedule on those, BTW [grin]). And I’ve also been fairly busy on the weekends, more so than expected. So I haven’t really had the time I thought I’d have to play games. But it’s also because I’m not as interested in Skyrim as I was in Oblivion, once I got around to playing it. Skyrim is almost too pretty; the pretty graphics makes things hard to see, I made the initial choice in the game without even knowing that I was making a choice due to the chaos of the opening scene, and the critical kill scenes just slow things down for me at times. I’m also not as invested in the story or what is going on in the world in Skyrim, partly because there’s less initial freedom than there was in Oblivion. I seem to, right now, mostly only be able to follow the main plot and a few other quests, and the main plot isn’t all that interesting to me.

What I did like was in one area where I finished a quest before they asked me for it (it’s also referenced from the “starting town”) and was able to say “You mean this thing?” when asked to retrieve the item. That was cool.

Maybe the real problem is that the Elder Scrolls games are, in my opinion, single player MMORPGs, and I’m already playing one of those, and I’m enjoying that one a lot more than Skyrim. That means that if I have the time and inclination to play a game, TOR will win out, and it’d only be dedication that would make me play Skyrim. And I’m not THAT dedicated about my gaming [grin].

Right now, I’ve loosely decided to pick Skyrim up again sometime in February.


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