My comments on the Oct 21 Over the Rainbow …

Well, since I’m watching it anyway, I might as well comment more on what’s happening on the show, starting with the performance episode that was on last night.

I think Danielle did an excellent job. Her song switched between an acting piece and a performance piece, but when she was acting … she acted. She’s clearly the one to beat, although she’s not the one I want to win.

Stephanie pretty much, as I recall, did a performance piece. She can sing. But overall, it wasn’t impressive, and seemed a bit lackluster, and I still don’t know if she can act. She also doesn’t move a lot in her performances, which is different from most of the other girls. For the most part, other than the “Hello, Buenos Aires” song from a couple of weeks back — that landed her in the bottom two, oddly enough — I always have a really hard time remembering what she actually did in her Sunday performance.

AJ did a song that I know quite well, because I have a CD of the title themes from James Bond. Her performance seemed off from that, but you have to make some allowances for personal style. However, it took me until the end of the song to figure out what the scene was aiming at — partly because the actual literal lyrics of the song didn’t match the scene choreographed — which is not a sign of good acting (that was the same problem Colleen had the week before). Also, during part of it — the line “Why’d you have to be so good?!?” — she seemed too happy when the line was aiming at a more exasperated idea, a notion that it wasn’t good for her that he was so good, but since he really was that good she simply couldn’t resist him. AJ, it seemed to me, played it as her being giddy over that. It didn’t match the song. But that was a fairly odd song choice anyway, especially with the choreography. It’s also the worst possible advice anyone can get to tone their performance down, as AJ at times seemed far too subdued.

Colleen sounded a bit too breathy in her song, and it was a performance piece, so she didn’t act at all. And I agreed with the judges on the lack of emotion in the piece.

Cassandra, as you should all know by now, is my favourite, and looking at the profiles and the performance last night, it’s clear why: she has a personality and it shines through. None of the other girls seem to do that (Danielle is more of a chameleon than showing an actual personality of her own). Which means that I think it was a mistake for Cassandra to lose the glasses, as that’s a big part of that personality. But when it comes to acting, she has the mannerisms down pat; she seems to actually move through the part and her movements seem to match it. I don’t agree with the judges on her performance; I think it covered the song off quite well.

So, overall, my ranking of the performances is:

1) Danielle
2) Cassandra
3) Stephanie
4) Colleen
5) AJ

My prediction for the bottom two:

1) AJ
2) Cassandra


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