Update on this blog …

So, you might have noticed that the updating on this blog has gotten a bit sporadic, and that a lot of the things that I said I was going to do I haven’t done. A big reason for that is that this is a pretty busy time for me at work and with other things, so I haven’t had the time I normally would to update. Another reason is that almost any time left-over is spent moderating board games and playing The Old Republic. And this isn’t likely to change over the next couple of months.

That being said, I still do intend to do those things. I intend to finish off my Ji’ark diaries and move into diaries with my next TOR character when I start that one. I still intend to work through the “Philosophy and Pop Culture” series books (right now, an article in the Star Trek one is slowing me down because it isn’t that interesting, but I do have something that I can say about it, so I do want to talk a bit about it.). I want to continue my other series, do more reviews and commentaries on books, and, of course, make posts about things I see elsewhere. And, of course, you’ll always get sporadic Not-So-Casual Commentaries whenever I get around to it.

So, I’ll probably start drifting back into posting more in October at some point, and hopefully pick up more after that and into January. Thanks to everyone who has been reading this blog so far.


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