City of Heroes Ending …

I was reading Twenty Side Tale when I heard the news: City of Heroes is going to be closed by the end of the year.

Now, I should be working, but I had to make a post here as this has depressed me. City of Heroes was my favourite MMO. It let me create a multitude of different characters and act basically like all of them. It had incredibly character customization, both in terms of appearance and in terms of powers. No other MMO that I’ve seen has come close. Yes, I didn’t play it anywhere near as much as I could have and, yes, I never made it past about level 23 or so, but it’s the MMO that I’ve had the most fun playing over the time I was playing it. I was willing to pay even when I wasn’t playing when it went F2P because I liked its model for that. I’ve tried DCUO and found it lacking, and from what I’ve heard I wouldn’t like Champions Online either, so this leaves me without a superhero MMO or, in fact, without even a really good superhero game to play.

I have no where left to get my superhero fix from. I always thought that when I got some time I’d be able to play a bit of CoH again, but that’s not going to happen.

The studio is hinting at in-game events to take the game out, but I’m thinking now that I won’t participate in them. I don’t want to remind myself of what I’m losing by picking it up again only to have it die out. So, I’m going to let my characters fade away quietly, much like how I actually played them.


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