Ji’ark Diary: Negotiation

On Alderaan, I eventually met with Jaesa Willsam’s parents, and attempted to convince them and their Jedi protector that all I wanted was to talk peacefully with Jaesa, and convert her to my cause, a greater cause than that of the Jedi or the Sith. The Jedi, as was to be expected, was unconvinced of this, but her father seemed open to listening, as long as he got something out of the deal. Appealing to that, I offered to set them up in luxury on Drummond Kaas, to take them away from the fairly poor life they were currently living. Her mother was hesitant, but her father was anxious to escape the rather bleak life of a minor servant to the nobles on Alderaan. Eventually, he prevailed upon her to accept the deal and the Jedi to his credit did not attack me in an attempt to stop me from doing so.

When I told Darth Barras of this, he chortled at what he called my cleverness, claiming that being able to feel that her parents were living a good life because of the Sith would leave her in constant torment, which is exactly what he — and what I, by extension — should want as I attempted to convert her to the dark side.

Darth Barras is a fool.

That may be the way the Sith generally work, but this only further outlines why the Sith way is flawed. I wanted Jaesa’s ability in order to help create a new order, one built around honour and one where one is generous when one should be and brutal when one should be. Giving her parents their better life and having her sense that was aimed at making her question what she had been taught, and the worldview that she was clinging to, in order to open her mind to new and better possibilities. Only when her delusions of how the Sith and the Jedi operate have been stripped away will she be able to see the proper way forward. Thus, it is not her torment that I am after, and in fact torment would be counter-productive. This is to be a negotiation, not an attempt to drive her insane, insane enough to slaughter innocents and like it. Rational, calm thought is required, not another brutal, out-of-control killing machine. The Empire cannot long survive that sort of “conversion”.

The seed is planted; all that is left is to determine if it will bear fruit.


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