Ji’ark Diary: Honour

Alderaan is a society purportedly based entirely on a strict system of honour and supposedly noble houses. Based on that, it’s not much of a surprise that it contains indentured servitude and is engaged in a massive and destructive civil war.

The problem is that the more emphasis one puts on looking honourable, the more you get those who appear honourable in order to avoid losing the support of the populace who then will immediately break their word and act dishonourably the instant they think they can get away with it. It fosters the appearance of honour over the actual possession of it. Thus, all you end up with are people who will use honour to get what they want and use it to manipulate others, but who cannot be trusted to actually keep their word or act honourably. It becomes an exercise in rationalization. If you want to attack your neighbour, you make up an excuse about how they treated you dishonourably and rally your forces to avenge this dishourable act. As long as you can be convincing enough, you can use honour to justify any action. And, of course, they will use your attack as a sign that you are dishourable, and so will use that to rally their forces. And then you have war.

Duke Kendoh of House Thul is a prime example of this. He was deceptive and manipulative, and yet had the temetry to act hurt as if I had acted dishourably when he sent me to settle a score with another noble while pretending that it had to do with my mission. I, of course, feel no need to honour agreements that are based on utter lies. He did eventually manage to provide some useful information, but then decided to report my actions to Darth Barris in order to get me discredited. Perhaps the most telling thing about Kendoh’s “honour” is that his Sith guards not only did not defend him or interfere with me in any way throughout my dealings with him, but were actually quite pleased to be rid of him when I killed him.

But there is true honour on Alderaan. The noble that Kendoh sent me after was quite impressed when I kept my word of not killing her in exchange for what she could tell me, and I ended up fighting alongside Organa forces and their leader told me where to find Jaessa’s parents when I had defended that choke point, as she had agreed.

Honour is not something you wear as if it was a fashion statement, that you can put on and take off depending on the situation. Honour permeates who you are, and defines every action you take. The Sith, the Empire, the Republic and the Jedi have all seemed to have forgotten that. My goal is to help at least some of them relearn it.


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