TOR could spell the end of gaming for me as I know it …

So, I’m up to level 32 and going on level 33 on my Sith Juggernaut (who’ll flatten you) and am looking forward to finishing his story. But since I am almost done, I’ve started thinking about what I’ll do when Ji’ark ends his run, and right now what I’d like to do is:

– Do a Michael Garibaldi ex-pat as a Gunslinger.

– Do a Galen ex-pat as a Sith Inquisitor/Sorcerer

– Do either my Corran Horn ex-pat or a Jeffrey Sinclair ex-pat.

– Finish my Imperial agent.

– Do the other of Horn or Sinclair

Since it’ll take me at least a couple of months if not longer to do one of these, depending on when I play, if I only play these this could keep me busy for about the next year or so. When will I play all the other games I’m supposed to be playing [grin]?

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