Ji’ark Diary: Unexpected

So, at last, we returned to Nar Shadaa to retrieve the relic and return it to Twi’lek hands. Before doing so, we met with Vette’s old group, and the leader — clearly taking on a big sister role for Vette — seemed to scrutinize my and my intentions deeply. Of course, I myself am not certain what my intentions are, and so there was little for her to read, and yet I could not escape the conclusion that she knew more than she should … things that Vette seemed utterly oblivious to and that I, perhaps, didn’t even know myself.

At any rate, the contact was overconfident and totally unprepared to face a Sith Lord. Retrieving the artifact was an easy task, and it was returned to her companions so that they might return it to its rightful home. Which I approved of; there is an order to things.

After this, we were invited to celebrate its return with them, which I did. It was fun, although many of their stories were not really my sort of humour. But there was a nice, easy camaraderie to them, formed from long assocation and a loyalty built on trust, on knowing that each of them would put their lives on the line for the other. This is the sort of loyalty that I want to build among my crewmembers, and that I hope I have been able to convey so far.

After, Vette was — as expected — invited to return to the group, and I left the choice completely up to her. No threats, no manipulation, just a simple choice. And she decided … to stay. She said that she felt she had a thing going on here, and wanted to see it through, which is a rather vague reason. I suspect that she herself doesn’t realize why she is staying. However, at this point I’m not overly concerned. I’m happy that she is staying, and that we might see all of this through together. After that … who knows?


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