Ji’ark Diary: Rationalization

Vette had asked me to help her retrieve a relic that she felt should be back in Twilek hands, but I felt that I needed her to complete my mission with the Jedi padawan, and so promised to do it later. She, it seems, understood, and was willing to wait. However, as I spent my time on Tatooine I started to wonder if I was really being honest with myself over this. Did I really need her for this mission? Quinn is a very competent combat officer, and so I’m certain that he could fill her role reasonably well. While I would need some help, did I really need her help? Probably not.

But I fully expect Vette to leave with her friends … no, her family once they reunite. And I will miss her. I like having her around, I enjoy her company, and I don’t want to lose that. And because of that, I rationalized my decision to not meet up with her compatriots, justifying it as being for my mission. Instead of facing my fear of losing her, I instead let it rule me, let it push me into doing what it is not fair for Vette to do.

And so, I will face my fear. I will return to Nar Shadaa and I will retrieve this relic for her, help her return it to her family, and let her go on her way if she wishes.

And I will miss her.



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