Somebody stop me …

Okay, so I went into “The Source” looking for a USB drive. I passed their bargain bin. I saw L.A. Noire in there for $10. I bought it.

Add one more game to the list of games for me to finish along with The Old Republic. Yes, I know it’s hard to say that you’ve finished an MMO, but finishing the character arc with one character should count, and I’m up to level 30ish already and so well on my way.

The list was started to give me a push and track how well I was doing playing and finishing these games, but it keeps growing and growing. And part of that is me wandering into stores that sell games and coming out with stuff that’s cheap so worth trying, if I ever get around to it. This is becoming a trend, and it all started the day I wandered into Best Buy and came out with a whole bunch of old TV shows on DVD that were cheap and that I wanted to watch. It’s getting so that I can’t go into these places or else I’ll come out with a lot of stuff that I might never use.

Well, with it being cheap it doesn’t really blow my budget or anything, and I’m sure that someday I’ll find the time to sit down and watch and play them. Right?


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