Ji’ark Diary: Turning

Darth Barras has sent me to eliminate Nomen Karr’s apprentice. However, I suggested that she might possibly be turned. He agreed, assuming that I meant to turn her to the dark side. But that is not what I intend to turn her to.

Instead, I intend to turn her to my side, whatever that is. I am more convinced than ever that the Empire cannot survive if it allows the Sith philosophy to guide it. The Sith philosophy cannot sustain a stable and orderly society, as it demands too much competition while not allowing the freedom that would allow for peaceful competition. The Sith compete for everything, and think that killing is the only way to settle such competitions. The Sith must either change that philosophy, or accept that they will always remain in small numbers, at a competitive disadvantage to outside sources.

In my view, the inability of the Jedi to see the use of proper passion and competition is also wearing down the Republic. By denying desire and competition, they allow themselves to be corrupted by it. At least the Sith openly acknowledge competition and passion, even if they allow it to rule them far too much.

This is what leads me to believe that there is a third way, a middle way, and that is what I wish to explore with this Padawan, if she will allow me. It should be an … interesting conversation.


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