Ji’ark Diary: Loyalty

When I commented in my entry about how keeping your word can protect you, I wasn’t thinking that if you are simply nice to people and treat them fairly, that you would never have to worry about any attacks on you or your power. That, of course, would be naive, and I am not naive. There will always be threats. But the goal of being honourable and keeping your word is to limit those attacks, to make it so that one can recruit people who will at least require a great motivation to betray you.

That is what keeping your word allows. For those who are only interested in rewards and their own benefit, it forces the choice between certain rewards and uncertain rewards that might be greater. Of course, there will be some who will choose the uncertain but greater rewards, but at least it drives the price up. For those who actually do have honour, they will remain loyal and honour their commitments … unless you give them reason to abandon them. Such as, for example, not keeping your own commitments. And those who serve out of fear will still do so as long as you can command enough respect to still instill that fear in them … and since you always live up to your agreements, their fear is not random, nor need they fear being executed just for sport.

Those Sith Lords who are not honourable can only compel through fear or by appealing to interests. But, for the most part, these things do not, in fact, promote loyalty. As soon as someone comes along that they fear more or who can offer more interests, these Sith Lords’ “loyal retainers” will quickly abandon them … usually at the worst possible moment. And that is when they die.

If I am going to die, I would rather die honourably, as the person I am, than cut down because I couldn’t pay enough to prevent it.



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