Ji’ark Diary: Fool

I recently had to face Lord Rathari, who, surprise, surprise, made an agreement but felt no need to keep it. Fortunately, I was prepared for his treachery, and brought some back-up of my own. But he called me naive for saying that a Sith Lord should keep his word, as deception was one of the key traits of the Sith, and yet when I had defeated him he tried to spin out a bargain, asking me to spare his life so that he could … leave me alone, I suppose.

I am not a fool, to be so fooled.

When someone admits that for them deception is a lifestyle choice, it would not be exactly intelligent to then trust them to keep their word. He would almost certainly have broken his word the first chance he got, and honestly I had no need of him anymore. On the other hand, the Republic soldiers who agreed to help me in exchange for their lives got to live, because I know that they’ll keep their word, and so I must keep mine.

This is, in fact, why Sith Lords must, in fact, keep their word. If you continually break your word, no one will believe you’ll keep it, and so all interactions will be carried out under a cloud of suspicion even when no one is planning betrayal. From that, those who know that you keep your word will rally to you, and be loyal to you. Yes, there will always be the ambitious and the foolish, but if you are truly worthy of loyalty your own followers will stop such ambitions, as they know that they are better off with you who will keep your word and give them their deserved rewards than with even a greater promised reward from someone who cannot be trusted to keep it.

Loyalty is power, which is a fact that the Sith fail to recognize.



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