Ji’ark Diary: Family

I have been talking a lot to Vette lately, especially about family.

It isn’t surprising that given her losing her family early in her life, that family is a bit fluid to her. For her, bloodlines are less important than shared feelings and committments. Family, to her, are not the people you are relate to by blood, but are instead the people that you can associate with and rely on. So family is more selected for her, and so the attachment is actually stronger.

As a Sith, bloodlines are incredibly important. My bloodline is actually quite established and honoured, which is one reason why I received the benefits I did in making it this far, the training I received, and the respect of others. Blood is more important than willing associations to the Sith, especially to the purported Sith purebloods. So, for me, family is indeed more about blood than about personal committment.

However, I think I’m coming around to her position. Without the strictness of the Sith code keeping us together, I have little in common with the rest of my family. While I would, of course, stil fulfill my obligations to them, it is unlikely that when this is all over I will spend much time with them; the blood gave me avenues to power, but the focus on attaining power left little else between myself and my family. On the other hand, Vette and I, at least, share common experiences, reliances and adventures, and so even without a blood tie we are bound together by obligations that are far stronger.

Which is what may make the next few days quite difficult for me. Vette seems to be conceding that we are forming a bond, a bond that could be like family. I find myself somewhat bothered by the fact that she may be starting to see me as a father figure; for some reason that isn’t the sort of relationship I’d have in mind. But she had a family before this, a family that is what drove her to come to Korriban in the first place, a family that was betrayed which resulted in her joining me in the first place. She has now found them, and she wants to help them get back at those who betray them. And if she does, will she then wish to leave me and rejoin them, her “real” family?

Because of our relationship, I am obliged to help her achieve her goal. And if after this she wants to return to her old life, and her old family, I feel obligated to allow her to do so. She has clearly earned the right to choose her own destiny due to her actions with me in my adventures, and so I would be honour-bound to, well, honour her choice … whatever it is.

But I cannot pretend that I will not miss her if she decides to go. Nor can I pretend that someone that I rely on and need to rely on for my own development would not be lost. In a real sense, I rely on her, as I also rely and will rely on Quinn. But my own personal assessment does not, in fact, overcome my obigations, no matter how strong.

I suspect that, at the end of it all, I will greatly miss Vette.



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