Ji’ark Diary: Home

I talked with Vette today, and she commented that she was starting to think of our ship as home. I’m glad that she’s starting to feel comfortable in her role, and around me, and that she feels that she belongs somewhere. As she related her story to me, it became clear that belonging somewhere was something that she hadn’t felt in quite a while, and it does me good to know that I can do something like that for her.

But where is my home? I suppose the Empire is my home, but that is a rather large expanse to feel comfortable in. I would have said that home is with the Sith, but I am no longer truly Sith. So, perhaps, while the ship and the company is making Vette feel like she is home it can also be my home, a reflection of who and what I now am and what I must do. Perhaps home is merely where I am at the moment, where I lay my head. But that seems insufficient, impermanent, hollow. My ship could become my home, but without some sort of solid foundation it seems unlikely to truly feel so. Perhaps in rejecting the Sith philosophies I have cut myself off from what it is that allows me to find a home and feel as if I am at home, and it is only when I truly replace there view that I will feel like I have a home.



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