Ji’ark Diary: Weak

Sometimes you have to kill those who cannot fight back in order to fulfill the obligations of honour.

I was tasked with finding out what a group of Republic rebels were hiding in one of their secret bases. It turned out to be a group of weak Force Sensitives that the Republic officer claimed they were going to smuggle off to the Republic to use as farmers and shopkeepers. But I didn’t believe him. Force sensitives, no matter how weak and untrained, are too useful militarily to be tossed aside so easily. Even if they could not be trained to be Jedi, they would be useful as espionage agents or even as soldiers. Force sensitivity cannot help but improve one’s abilities if trained, even if that strength is weak.

Thus, in accordance with the laws of the Empire, I killed them all. They could not be allowed to bolster the strength of the Republic.

I was also tasked with eliminating a loose end for Darth Barris, and shutting up some young pup who knew too much. I might have been inclined to spare him if he could have demonstrated that he could keep his mouth shut, but as I arrived he was spilling his guts over simply being locked in a cage waiting to be interrogated. And he then had the nerve to claim that he could be trusted to keep his mouth shut. I ensured that he would never reveal what he knew.

I don’t like killing those who can’t fight back; I prefer a stand-up fight. However, I am willing to do so if it will serve the cause of the Empire.



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