Ji’ark Diary: Consequences

I learned today that even when one acts honourably, one must always consider the consequences.

In one mission, I was encouraged to hurt the Rebels on Balmorra by planting explosives in things that even civilians would use, which is dishonourable. Given the chance to instead use things that only soldiers would use, I took the opportunity to only strike at soldiers and not civilians. Returning to the officer, he pointed out that part of his plan was to strike at civilians as well, to engender fear. But as fear is a lie and being indiscriminate in our attacks is not the way to win hearts and minds, I was unimpressed by that line. But he did point out that our own soldiers would use that equipment, and so my actions might have killed them as well, and so that at least I should have informed them of the change.

And that was a good point. Yes, I have honour, and my honour is judged by me and me alone. But my actions have consequences, and while I have a duty to myself that duty also obligates me to others. Soliders of the Empire dying because of my actions would invalidate my own duties, all unintentionally.

I have learned, then, that I must carefully consider the consequences of my actions, even those done in the name of honour. Sometimes, it is better to follow the original plan no matter how abhorrent than alter it on a whim and cause even more abhorrent consequences.



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