Ji’ark Diary: Vette

The first time I did this, I forgot to mention that these will contain spoilers. So I’m going to say it now: These things will contain spoilers. You have been warned.

The first time I saw Vette, she was chirping like a bird.

I had been sent to the internment area of the Sith Academy on Korriban to prove my worthiness by making decisions about some of the prisoners there, which met with moderate success but left me with my honour intact. She was one of the other prisoners, and her chirping was designed to taunt the jailer, a sadistic moron who was precisely the sort of person the Sith loved and the Empire must come to hate: someone who took the job of jailer simply so that they could indulge their own sadistic whims with a veneer of respectability. And, of course, with such a man her taunting simply earned her a blast from the shock collar she was wearing, meaning that her taunting likely wasn’t a good idea. And yet, she remained defiant.

Later, I formally met with her, as she was assigned to help me get something that Darth Barras critically needed from one of the tombs. The jailer, of course, recommended that liberal doses of shock therapy would be the best way to ensure her compliance, but as he was an idiot I ignored his suggestions, not shocking her even once. Vette, sassy and sarcastic though she could be, was intelligent enough to see where her own interests lay, and that earning the support of a Sith was probably the only way she was going to survive her time on Korriban. So, I gave her opportunities to demonstrate that she was trustworthy, and she demonstrated her trustworthiness. I had no problem taking her with me when I left Korriban, and even removed her shock collar as a reward for her help.

I like Vette. She has a sassy attitude towards life that I find … refreshing, especially compared to the somewhat austere and shallow life recommended by the Sith. Her bravado is often used to hide her fear, and her light-heartedness to hide the darkness that I suspect dwells inside her. I look forward to my time with her; I suspect it will be quite interesting.



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