Quest for Finish …

So, the big list of games for me to play and finish is almost a year old.

In that time, my great push to finish games has resulted in my finishing … 3 games. Four if you count Suikoden V, which is what spawned the list in the first place. The number of games to finish has grown since then as well, which means that I now have finished four out of 32 games, for a percentage of 12%. That may sound good, but it leaves me with 28 games left to finish. I am part-way through both Record of Agarest War Zero and Final Fantasy X, but both have stalled for a bit. And now that I’ve gotten into The Old Republic, and since the Olympics coming up will at least put the PS3 games on hold and, well, I’m not likely to finish too much in the next month or so.

I liked having the list of games and trying to focus on finishing games. The results, however, are I think only slightly better than they were without it. But at least I have a public reminder of my shame, which can’t help but be good …

I’ll have to re-evaluate my gaming and settle what I’m doing with what here. Well, when I’m not playing TOR, of course …


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  1. The List – Year 2 | The Verbose Stoic Says:

    […] my big list of games to finish is now almost 2 years old. Last year at around this time I calculated my finishing percentage, and it came up at about 12% (13% rounded up). I had finished 4 out of a total of 32 games. […]

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