Huh. I Never Noticed that Before …

Since it wasn’t my type of game, I didn’t notice this review of Saint’s Row The Third at Gameguiders. I really like this part of the review:

Saints Row: The Third is also probably the closest thing to an RPG I’ve ever seen in the gang-crime game world. From the moment you fire up the game you’re faced with an almost overwhelming amount of customization options for your character. Your character can be as detailed and personal as you want. I spent about the first hour and half playing around with these tools, and my character ended up being a skinny hipster with an Afro and an Australian accent. The customization options don’t end there, though. Once you’re in the game, your character will immediately start leveling up and unlocking upgrades. These upgrades range from weapon perks, like extra ammo, to sheer invincibility once you hit level cap.

Sounds like my kinda game …


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