Income Disparity Interviews …

I found this article interesting. It’s a set of interviews that one person did with people at five different levels of income (roughly multiplying up by 5 each time). The author isn’t exactly unbiased, and clearly has an opinion, which seems to skew his perceptions a bit, but overall it’s interesting.

I have two points that you should consider when reading this:

1) At each stage, you need to ask yourself what Hughes — the billionaire — being a billionaire has to do with the people in that stage and in their lives.

2) Consider that if, say, I was able to eke out my current income with investing — which is upper middle class, about half of what the author makes — I would be able to to pay the 18% tax rate as well, and save myself a lot of taxes. Think about this when wondering why Hughes is upset at being considered the enemy of America, since he simply plays by the rules that everyone else does, and simply follows the rules. Where is the justification for treating him differently than everyone else simply because he’s successful?

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