Case in point …

I think these two sets of posts and especially comments highlight what I was talking about in this post.

The latest flap is between Myers/Watson and Coffee Loving Skeptic. CLS posts here. Myers replies here.

Read the comments. At CLS’ blog, most of the people think that CLS is obviously right and Myers is basically being totally irrational. At Myers’, it’s the exact opposite. They can’t both be right, so what’s the difference between these sharply divided views? Right, which one they agree with.

My take: Myers has the right to block tweets from people he doesn’t want to read. That doesn’t mean that his reasons for doing so don’t matter and don’t say something about him. Myers is perfectly within reason to say that even if CLS didn’t use the C-word, he doesn’t want to read someone who was as hard on Watson as CLS was. However, Watson does need to correct her claim that CLS did use it if he didn’t, and Myers can be judged on how open and intellectually honest it is to block people who simply disagree with him.

One Response to “Case in point …”

  1. Tony Ryan (Coffee Loving Skeptic) Says:

    Fair comment. I think you’ve summed up the crux of it.

    The polarised shouting on both sides is OTT.

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