Leah Libresco Converts to Catholicism …

Leah Libresco, who did the Ideological Turing Test that I replied to, has converted to Catholicism. Based on her concerns, I might have encouraged her to seek out Stoicism or Kant instead, but this seems to fit better with her “Morality as Person” mindset. Atheists, of course, are lamenting the loss, both in posts and in comments, so you can check them out to see who’s reasonable and who isn’t.


3 Responses to “Leah Libresco Converts to Catholicism …”

  1. docktorstrangelove Says:

    It’s always sad when people decide to support child molesters.

  2. verbosestoic Says:

    I don’t think that either she or I do that, but that’s a rather long and, from my end, boring topic.

  3. Cultural Catholicism … « The Verbose Stoic Says:

    […] following Leah Libresco’s conversion to Catholicism, it started me thinking about Catholicism in general and my Catholicism particularly. For example, […]

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