Back to Zero …

So, after putting Record of Agarest War Zero aside for a while, mostly because I needed to grind a bit to beat a boss, I started over, made Friedlinde happier, grinded while playing, beat that boss … and found myself really, really enjoying that game.

I still need to learn all the little details in enhancing and smithing and using skills and all of that, but so far I’m not getting killed much (only in boss fights, which is expected), and the events and the first vacation day were really interesting. There’s a bit of good humour in here, and while the grinding can get repetitive it isn’t completely irritating, and is just a minor annoyance to get you to the next cool event. I’m really enjoying it, and hopefully I can finish it and move on to the Overlords, Saints Row the Third, and all of the other games on my list of games to finish.

Just today, my co-workers were pushing me take some vacation time to travel. I need some vacation time to finish all of these games.


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