Now look what you made me do …

I’m actually seriously considering taking a theology degree which would mean, specifically, dropping out of Cognitive Science to do so. This despite the fact that philosophy of religion is something like 7th on my list of philosophically interesting fields (after luge) and that I’ve never done theology before, at least not in any detail … even in my posts on this blog.


  • Cognitive science is boring me because with my philosophy and computer science degrees there’s little there that I haven’t already heard.
  • I’m also having a hard time taking Cognitive Science courses because they don’t align well with my schedule.
  • The same thing seems to apply to other degrees, like Classics or History.
  • There is a theological college fairly conveniently located, whose classes seem at least for now reasonably scheduled.
  • Every time I look at theology there’s more to it than I might have originally thought (I want to do a post soon on the Catholic doctrine of revelation).
  • I’ve suddenly become very interested in comparing Stoic philosophy and Christianity, because it seems to me that one of the main reasons I disagree so much with humanists when they go on ethically inspired rants is that they oppose ethical principles that I see in the Stoics and am quite partial to.

I’ll have to think about this a bit more, and see how it will work out. But it looks do-able, and so it’s something that might interest me … and only take about 6 years to finish. But at least I might finish it, although I’m more interested in graduate level than undergraduate, but that’s getting really complicated.

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