Interesting Stories So Far in the NHL Playoffs …

Here’s what’s surprised or interested me so far about the NHL playoffs:

1) Vancouver and Pittsburgh down 3-0: I picked both of these teams to win the first round because I thought they’d be safe picks. Instead, Jonathan Quick is standing on his head and Marc-Andre Fleury can’t stop a beach ball. Philadelphia is only up in this series because while their goaltending hasn’t been great — giving up 3, 5 and 4 goals in the first three games, including 3 in the first period of Game 1 — Fleury’s been worse, which may be interesting if they advance and hit a team that actually has solid goaltending. And speaking of solid goaltending …

Boston and Washington are both averaging a goal a game: Okay, we could believe this of Tim Thomas, but of the rookie Holtby, who is playing well? Who’d’a thunk it?

St. Louis and their musical chair goaltenders: Elliot was great in the regular season, but didn’t start the playoffs. Halak was hurt and Elliot finished his shutout. Both are playing well right now.

Detroit and Nashville have symmetry: All of their games have been 3-2 finals.

Rangers and Ottawa get nasty: I don’t think I would have expected this series to be as nasty as it has been, and we might not have seen anything yet.


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