Examining Reason

So, reason has been a topic of discussion lately. Obviously, the so-called Reason Rally has opened up a lot of discussion on when someone or something counts as rational, and also about what it would mean to support and use reason. In addition, in the comments on this thread I’ve been engaged in a lot of discussions over what it means to be rational. In the past, I’ve talked about Dan Ariely’s work and challenged our presumptions about what it means to be rational.

So what I’m going to do over the next little while is … talk about and examine reason, what it means, why it means it, and all sorts of other things. Which means that you’re going to get a second frequently used tag! You’re honoured, I know [grin].

This will be run the same way that the Scientism 101 series was run: I’ll add posts as I feel like adding posts. I expect this one to go on a lot longer and so I might actually have to organize it by writing something down instead of simply remember it in my head. This could get serious …



One Response to “Examining Reason”

  1. Héctor Muñoz Says:

    Most people, including myself, do not have the discipline to leave opinnions aside and engage in true rational discourse or conversation. Our minds are too emotional and instinctive to escape to the realm of pure abstract reasoning.

    Often when people talk about being rational they are talking about how their arguments support their opinions according to some rethorical trick.

    Human mind has te capacity to be rational about the outer world but not to find out it’s very own irrational slips.

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