Blazing Blu …

So, Blazblu Contiuum Shift arrived, and I started playing it yesterday because I had to update the PS3 to play it. I started as Miss Litchi because, well, she has long dark hair and wears glasses. Anyway, I tried out the Arcade mode for a bit and …

… it has story/cutscenes. In the Arcade mode. Not the Story mode. The Arcade mode. Cool.

As usual, I put it on Beginner and managed to get to the last battle with her, where I kept losing. I don’t know most of her moves, so that’s not a surprise, and my timing was off. Throughout the whole game I was able to win but it wasn’t always easy, which is both good and bad. It’s good because it isn’t a walk-over once you learn a simple move like Street Fighter is so it’s more interesting to play. It’s bad because it means that I actually have to put in an effort to see the stories and endings, which is the only reason I play them.

So far, the game is good, and the soundtrack is okay. It’s a little bouncy to play at work.


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